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Carpet Skirt for The Gallery &
Gallery Stackables

Gives your display that "finished look".
Attaches easily with hook to the bottom
of carpeted panels.

Available in 2 Sizes
12" X  39"
18" X  39"

(Available in all carpet colors)


Panel Locks

Add stability to your booth.
 Locks fit over the panel where they join
 together and makes the joint stiff.

Panel Lock
Corner Lock
T Panel Lock
45 Degree Lock
Y Lock
X Lock



KV Standard & Shelf Brackets

KV Standards conveniently hook over the top
 of any panel and have multiple notches
for adjustable shelf brackets.
Shelves and print bin shelves professionally
 display numerous types of artwork at once.

5’ KV Standard w/ Hook
KV Brackets 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”
(2 required)
5/8” X 36” Carpeted Shelf
Print Bin Shelf



Carpet Insert

The Carpet Insert allows you to make the System
and Ultra even more versatile. These inserts attach
quickly and easily with hook and loop.

For 3' X 6' System or Ultra Insert Kit
For 3' X 6' Stackable System Insert Kit
or Ultra Stackable Insert Kit
Inserts are sold per panel per side



Optional Leg Adjusters
(For Gallery Panels Only)

Spring lock Leg Adjusters allow you to adjust in 1.5" increments up to 6" for setting upon uneven surfaces.

This optional feature also allows you to
add 6" of height to your panels.

Leg Adjusters must be installed at the factory,
they cannot be added later.

Optional Stabilizer Bar

This top-mount bar gives extra support and
stability to your Armstrong display.

Standard size compact to 6'-6"
will telescope to approx. 12'

Smaller sizes are available upon request.




Panel Wall Sign Holder

Create a Sign or Name Plate
or use to title art work.
This item can be used on
Gallery Panels or Fold A Desk.
Dimensions: 2" X  9"

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Panel Wall Pocket

It can be used for documents
at trade shows or for artist.
This item can be used on Gallery Panels
or Fold A Desk.



Panel Wall Acrylic Frame Holder

It can be used for a biography,
photographs or even prints.
This item can be used on
Gallery Panels or Fold A Desk.

Available Sizes

4" X  6"
5" X  7"
81/2" X  11"

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Panel Wall Accessory Assistant

It can hold paint brushes, pens, pencils,
business cards and much more.
This item can be used on
Gallery Panels or Fold A Desk.

It has a tall side compartment and
two smaller compartments.